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Why Should You Choose Midwest Aerobiology Labs?


  • Our mold inspections as well as our indoor air quality certification is accepted by cities,  municipalities, realtors and medical professionals worldwide

  • We work hard to bring you results that are timely, guaranteed and confidential

    We utilize the latest technologyWhy Choose Us

  • Our Aerobiologist(s) have perfected a mobile lab service capable of arriving at your home or office and carrying out a complete moisture assessment

  • We will only run necessary air and surface tests with the results arriving within the hour

  • We are fast, efficient, and accurate

  • We are staffed by veteran Aerobiologist(s) with a comprehensive understanding of mold.

  • 1-hour service – we offer a comprehensive mold inspection and testing results within the hour.

  • No conflict of interest – we do not offer “Paid” mold testing and remediation on the same property.

  • Over 100+ positive online reviews