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Midwest Aerobiology Labs
A mold testing only company operating in the Chicagoland area.

Real estate transactions are all-too-often sabotaged by unscrupulous “Mold Inspectors “ and “Mold Remediation” contractors out to make a quick buck. Scare tactics and tricks are frequently used to extort thousands of dollars from sellers and possibly scare off genuine buyers in the process.

Don’t be a victim!
Buying a home is emotional! These companies and contractors prey on the emotions of buyers because they know that when you buy a home, you want the comfort that your asset is mold-free, safe and healthy. Often, the buyer becomes so petrified that they are purchasing a moldy home, that they look for reasons to cancel the contract.

These same companies and contractors also prey on the emotions of the seller, leveraging the knowledge that you want to sell an asset of value that is mold-free and in excellent condition.

A home-owner is willing to do virtually anything, including spending vast sums of money to ensure that nothing jeopardizes their sale, and a mold problem that should not even have cost hundreds of dollars can end up costing thousands.

First – determine if you have a Mold Problem!

So you found mold? Keep Calm and remember the rules:
Our service was born out of necessity to give the real estate industry needed an honest, mold solution company. We solve mold problems fast, efficiently and affordably to keep the real estate deal on track.

Original Co-Founders

Original Co-Founders Of Midwest Aerobiology Labs. From left to right: Darryl Morris, Dr. Joseph Leija (Retired), and Karen Cantalupo (Retired)

Someone you should know…

Dr. Joseph Leija: Board Certified Allergist and co-founder of the Midwest Aerobiology Labs. For more than 20 years Dr. Leija and staff has reported seasonal mold and pollen counts as a community service to allergy sufferers. This information is now featured on several daily TV weather daily TV weather casts such as WGN Channel 9, ABC Channel 7 and in the Chicago Tribune’s weather section.

Most recently Dr. Leija has focused on the health impact of mold and indoor pollution in homes and public buildings.

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We are not incentivized to find problems – we find solutions!

Because we don’t sell mold remediation nor mold removal services, we have nothing to gain by finding a mold problem. Our focus is to provide an honest mold assessment on a with practical recommendations on how to fix them.
We want to help you seal the deal and keep everyone safe, healthy and happy!

With a convenient, expedient mold report and written clean-up guidelines – you have the power to solve your mold problems and save thousands!

Our reputation is paramount and would be remiss if we did not caution you when you to walk away from a home. We also will advise a seller when they need to fix serious problems before selling their property.

Our accurate MoldCode(TM) report will point out these deficiencies and make recommendations on Mold Remediation Plan or mold clean-up protocols. (See Our Process)
Midwest Aerobiology Labs operate their business with the customer in mind, highlighting customer empowerment and providing comprehensive, factual and practical answers to mold questions
“The truth in the matter is most real estate deals can be resolved safely and affordably.”