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If you have identified a potential mold issue or pesky odor within your home, business or Apartment, it’s very important that you have the ability to respond and eliminate bad odors or toxic items immediately!

With the help of our Midwest Aerobiology lab odor investigation services we can identify nuisance odors and airborne toxins that can appear in multifamily structures, office buildings and family residences to develop an elimination plan.

When a property is plagued by an ongoing odor you may often face difficulties with removal services unless you are able to identify the source with a trained professional.

Our professional odor inspectors and areobiologists can:

  • Help you to understand why there may be an odor in the property.
  • Determine the source of a specific odor
  • Help develop an action plan for the elimination of an odor

An odor within a property may not be a constant and they can often come and go with the weather or changes in temperature. Identifying a specific time in which an odor occurs can help an Aerobiologist to discover the relationship between an odor and the property itself.

Solving an intermittent odor problem involves professional investigation and eliminating the source of the odor to eliminate its occurrence.

In order to get started with our odor inspectors we ask that you provide:

  • A description of the odor that you are experiencing on your property.
  • The times in conditions in which the odor is most present.
  • The last specific date and time that the odor occurred to you.
  • Keeping ongoing logs and descriptions of the odor can help to ensure our Aerobiologist can efficiently identify the cause.

Having an action plan to eliminate an odor can help to improve the safety and health conditions of any property. Some odor causing compounds can simply be a nuisance whereas others could be potentially damaging to your health.

Contact our Midwest Aerobiology labs today to schedule an odor investigation at your property.

Common descriptions of unpleasant odors within a property can include some of these descriptors:

Chemical Odors

Dirty Sock Smell

Wet Dog Smell

Sweat Smell

Smell Of Vomit

Moldy Smells

Cat Urine Smell

Ammonia Smell

Smell Of Death

Garbage Smell

Earthy Smell

Damp Smell

Seafood Smell

Rotten Eggs

Sour Milk Smell

And more.

If you are regularly experiencing any one of these odors in your property you should consider tracking down the odor with the help of a trained and sensitive scientist. Our professionals use highly trained noses along with a series of air sampling tools to detect odor problems and create action plans to completely eliminate them from your property.

Common Odor Problems

Some of the most common areas where odors can build up include:

Within spray polyurethane foam insulation. SPF insulation can fit into wall cavities through various holes but it does contain a number of SPF chemicals and Isocyanates such as MDI which can cause adverse health effects. After installation the vapors that are found within this insulation can sometimes lead to difficulty for asthma sufferers. If you are regularly experiencing odors related to your insulation removal may need to take place and cleanup may be required.

Crawlspace related odors can also be a regular occurrence in which a crawlspace or attic area can be the source of odors from mold.

Attic mold odors and hidden mold odors can require mold inspection and removal. These types of odors can be especially harmful to human health as some types of mold can be extremely toxic. Working to discover hidden mold can be a huge improvement for any property.

HVAC odors from a heating or cooling system without filter changes or a failing heating and cooling system can also cause extensive odors.

Mice and other pests throughout the home can be another cause that experts will look for as well as the chance for sewer gas that could be backing up into the home.

These are just a few of the early signs and symptoms that any odor inspection professional will check on first before proceeding through the entire inspection.

If you would like to rid your property of mold and pesky odors please contact us today. Our Aerobiologist and certified mold inspectors can help you improve indoor air quality and maximize the potential of your property by making it odor free!