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Mold FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions 

 Mold FAQ:  Why do mold inspections need to be performed?

A: If left unchecked, mold infestation can lead to notable health complications for those who inhabit an affected building. It is crucial not to overlook the repercussions of a mold infestation. Should a building have an odor or smell or appear to be moldy, you should call our inspection team right away, even if you are unable to identify the source.

 Mold FAQ: Are all molds the same?

A: No, there are various strains of mold and while some strains are more problematic than others, mold can have a significant negative impact on your health. It is imperative that ALL molds are remediated in the same manner.

 Mold FAQ: What is the best process to follow to remove mold?

A: Mold growth can be symptomatic of larger problem such as leaks, poor drainage, or foundation trouble. In these cases, getting to the cause of the problem and making the needed repairs is usually more important than the presence of the mold itself.

It is important to be aware that if your house is moldy, the real problem is water intrusion and/or prolonged humidity levels over 60%. Unless you correct this, the mold will continue to recur.

Mold FAQ: Should I paint over or encapsulate Mold?

A: This is definitely not recommended! Mold cannot simply be killed. Once a mold problem has been identified, physical extraction of mold and mold spores is critical. Attempting to encapsulate or paint over the mold with primer will not suffice. HEPA vacuums and commercial-grade air scrubbers are required to remove excessive mold spores.

Additionally, the affected interior surfaces inside your home should be treated with an antimicrobial solution to prevent future growth. If drywall or any other construction materials have been compromised, these should be removed.

Mold FAQ: Should I inspect my attic for mold?

A: Mold in the attic can ruin a real estate transaction!

It is crucial that a mold investigation encompass the entire property inclusive of the attic. When your home is under contract and you want to sell it for a good price in as short a time as possible, hearing from buyers or inspectors that you have mold can cause untold issues. If potential buyers catch wind of this, you will have them running for the hills.

 Mold FAQ: 

A: Recently, the infamous “toxic mold” has turned mold inspection and remediation into a massively profitable industry. It has also paved the way for plenty of scams formulated to scare you into paying top dollar for unnecessary testing or unreliable remediation plans.

Note: Whilst some strains are more problematic than others, mold can have a significant negative impact on your health. It is imperative that ALL molds are remediated in the same manner.

 Mold FAQ: When does a mold inspection become a conflict of interest?

A: Avoid companies offering both “paid” testing services and mold remediation services on the same project. The likelihood of an alarming mold ‘finding’ in order to provide you the service of remediating the mold is high. (In this example, the mold inspector is getting paid twice.)

Mold FAQ: What is a “free” mold inspection?

A: Generally speaking, “free mold inspections” may be an indication of unreliable service and / or service provider. That being said, however, should you find someone willing to offer you the following information for free, accept the gift! 

 Note: look for the following information as an indication of an authentic mold inspection:

  • An on-site, visual inspection by an environmental company that truly understands mold
  • A moisture inspection to identify ALL moisture problems
  • Testing (surface/air sampling) only if necessary
  • A determination if the suspected mold has contaminated your indoor air quality
  • Ruling out potentially harmful molds
  • A conclusive step-by-step mold remediation plan if necessary

Note: Again, a real mold inspection should ALWAYS include the above. If it does not, be prepared to find an alternative and be willing to pay for a comprehensive mold inspection or investigation. Doing this upfront will save you time, money and aggravation in the long run.

Mold FAQ: Should I have my property re-inspected after mold clean-up? 

A:  Absolutely! After the clearance work has been done, you may want to have the original inspector (as opposed to the remediation contractor) re-test to ensure the mold is gone.

Mold FAQ: How many samples should I pay for?

A: Do not pay for unnecessary mold sampling or testing of your clothing or furnishings. If there is mold in the air, it will undeniably be found on your sofa and clothing too. Concentrate instead on learning from where the mold is originating and exactly what is needed to fix it.

Note: You, as the customer, have the right and the discretion to accept or decline sampling recommendations made by mold inspectors.

Mold FAQ: Should I be present during the mold inspection?Mold Remediation|Mold Removal

A: Absolutely! Un-reputable companies can go to extreme measure to make money including turning up the heat (called house cooking); shaking out rugs or pillows to release more spores into the air and making the results look even worse. Avoid this by ensuring that you are present during the ENTIRE inspection.

Mold FAQ: Which products should I use to get rid of the mold?

A: Ozone generators, biocides, fumigants, encapsulation techniques, and other mold-killing (or covering) measures can be more toxic than the mold itself. They also do not stop the mold at its source. Remember that mold must be completely removed, the moisture problem addressed, and the wet materials either dried or replaced. Any other mold-killing services are a wasted expense.

Mold FAQ: Why should you choose Midwest Aerobiology Labs?

A: Here’s a quick list:

  • Our mold inspections as well as our indoor air quality certification is accepted by cities, municipalities, realtors and medical professionals worldwide
  • We work hard to bring you results that are timely, guaranteed and confidential
  • We utilize the latest technology
  • Our Aerobiologist(s) have perfected a mobile lab service capable of arriving at your home or office and carrying out a complete moisture assessment
  • We will only run necessary air and surface tests with the results arriving within the hour
  • We are fast, efficient, and accurate
  • We are staffed by veteran Aerobiologist(s) with a comprehensive understanding of mold.
  • 1-hour service – we offer a comprehensive mold inspection and testing results within the hour.
  • No conflict of interest – we do not offer “Paid” mold testing and remediation on the same property.
  • Over 100+ positive online reviews