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Mold Inspection Cost | Mold Testing Cost

Midwest Aerobiology Mobile Lab Services

Inspection Fee

Mold Report Within An Hour! $175 – Includes Comprehensive moisture investigation, visual inspection, relative humidity readings and a written inspection report with recommendations. and a written report within an hour.

Sampling/Testing Fees

We need to see what is happening in your home or office on a microscopic level to make sure we give you the correct assessment and solution to your mold problem. Air and surface sampling help us to do this. We will recommend  a sampling plan based on our investigation which will influence the number of samples we recommended. The customer has the discretion to accept or decline our sampling recommendations.

Mobile Lab turnaround time starts when the samples are taken.

Per Sample (1 week) usually sooner – $75

Per Sample (Next Day) – weekends excluded – $95

Per Sample (1-hour) – depending on time of day – $150

Additional Fees
Square Footage- Midwest Aerobiology Labs may charge an additional fee for inspections over 2000 sq. ft. depending on the situation.

Travel Fees

$50 For inspections outside of Will County, a travel fee is added to the inspection cost. In some instances it may double depending on the county (e.g. Lake, Dupage or Cook County).

No Access $150 – 30 minute max wait time. Fee is due if we are unable to inspect the unit.
Attic or Crawlspace $150 each – Inspector’s discretion depends on the difficulty of the attic/crawl.