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Certified Mold Inspection Cost | Odor Detection & Investigation Cost

Certified Mold Inspection Fee $295

Includes Comprehensive moisture investigation, visual inspection, relative humidity readings and a written inspection report with recommendations.

Sampling/Testing Fees

We need to see what is happening in your home or office on a microscopic level to make sure we give you the correct assessment and solution to your mold problem. Air and surface sampling help us to do this. We will recommend  a sampling plan based on our investigation which will influence the number of samples we recommended. The customer has the discretion to accept or decline our sampling recommendations.

NOTE: Sample turnaround time starts when the samples are taken.

Mold Sample Testing Fees

5 Day Turnaround – Call For Pricing

24hr Turnaround – weekends excluded – Call For Pricing

1hr Turnaround – depending on time of day – Call For Pricing

Mold Re-Inspection – Call For Pricing

Odor Detection | Odor Investigation – Call For Pricing

Formaldehyde Testing – Call For Pricing

Volatile Organic Compounds Check: Measures Off-Gasing – Call For Pricing

Indoor Air Quality Inspection – Call For Pricing

Do-It Yourself Kits

Indoor Allergen Test: (Dog, Cat, Cockroach, & Dust Mites Detection) $179

HVAC Mold Test Kit (incl. lab analysis) – Check your furnace and home for mold & other airborne contamination! 89.00

Indoor Air Quality Mold Test Kit (incl. lab analysis) 89.00

Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) Test $379

Additional Fees

Square Footage- Midwest Aerobiology Labs may charge an additional fee for inspections over 2000 sq. ft. depending on the situation.

Travel Fees

$50 For inspections outside of Will County, a travel fee is added to the inspection cost. In some instances it may double depending on the county (e.g. Lake, Dupage or Cook County).

No Access $150 – 30 minute max wait time. Fee is due if we are unable to inspect the unit.