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How We Compare With The Competition...

Midwest Aerobiology LabsMost Mold Remediation Contractors & Mold Inspectors
Primary Focus - Customer!Primary Focus – Money!
Focused On Facts Prey On The Emotions Of Home-Owners
Use Scientific Data And ReportsUse Scare Tactics And Tricks
First Establish If There Is Mold Assume Mold Exists And Start Charging! - $$$
Test & Report Company OnlyTesting & Remove (conflict of interest) Or receiving a commission to find a mold problem = conflict of interest
Affordable, Efficient And Honest Inflated And Unscrupulous
Experienced Aerobiologist(s) and Mold Spore Analyst(s) - We Process our samples in-house - Saves you money!Must send mold samples out to a independent laboratory to get results. Exaggerate findings to earn mold remediation commissions (Conflict of interest)
Average cost for mold inspection and testing $475
Most Homeowners spent between $325-$675
Average Reported Cost for a mold inspection according to Home Advisor $744
Most homeowners spent between $305-1201*

Healthy Home Specialist(s)
National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) IAQ Div.
Most Mold Remediation Contractors & Mold Inspectors